On Naps

Poshi Bear,

Beautiful day, isn’t it? Birds chirping. Trees swaying. Goats bleating. Sun shining. And best of all, you and I got off to a good start. We watched your goats,drank our Milos in the terrace and chased after each other in the living room. Can you hear my enthusiasm? All that came from a good amount of sleep. 10 hours of sleep, to be exact, starting from the time you also slept to the time you also woke up.

Here’s something I learned today. When you’re cranky, stressed or just plain mean, take a good nap. Sleep it off. How simple and yet I wonder why I never thought of it before.

So, let’s make a pact, shall we? I hereby will force myself to sleep earlier. No more sleeping well after midnight. I will be more organized with my work. I will accomplish only one thing at a time. And I will greet you in the morning being less of a Scrooge. In return, please sleep for more than an hour in the afternoon, okay? So Mom can finish her work.

Agreed? Good. Let’s spit on it. Wait, cancel that. I’m supposed to be teaching you about good hygiene.



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