On Roots and Wings

Portia Bear,

Let me share to you one of my dreams. I dream of you and I becoming gypsies and traveling the Philippines together with only the clothes on our backs and a Volkswagen Kombi for companions.

Before reaching that though, here are a few milestones you and I have to go through:

I need to:
1. learn to drive like a sane person
2. save up to buy a battered old Kombi
3. get more money to actually make that Kombi run
4. stop buying online to compensate for gas and food for our trips
5. learn how to pack light
6. develop a free spirit

You need to:
1. have a firm resolve of home
2. grow up
3. learn how to potty first,then develop the art of pottying anywhere, fields and all
4. read a map because your mother has lost all hope of acquiring navigational senses
5. find your place in this world

Dreams should be like this, I think. Spoken out loud for everyone to peruse. Never be meek about your dreams. Us adults make the common mistake of being too cautious when it comes to vocalizing our passions. Maybe because it’s easier to hide failures that way. You have more guts than that.

In a way, I guess we already are living part of that dream. We go back and forth two places so frequently that I wonder why you find it so easy to acclimatize. Sometimes, I grow scared of how this might affect you, whether from this you get a strong sense of adventure to take into your adult age or an insecurity that gnaws because you have not planted your roots deep enough. Parenting is this difficult. It goes one way or the other.No psychology subjects I’ve ever attended prepared me for this.

In the meantime, I’ll continue dreaming for the both of us. How would you like your Kombi? I’d like mine in red. Knowing you, you’ll probably prefer pink. So let’s compromise and choose lime green, shall we?


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