On Stretching the Soul

Dear Portia,

I was supposed to be working 3 hours ago. I was supposed to be making a living, saving, planting your future and all. But instead I watched a movie. I watched Ballet Shoes. It was a beautiful movie that I wonder why nobody ever picked it up. Maybe because it’s sad in all the right places, and Hollywood does not want subtly sad. They want tragedy. They want comedy. They want action, dynamites and a torrid love scene. But they do not want subtlety. I hope you watch this movie. There is a thing to be learned about passion, ambition and sacrifice of a sort here. And yes, there’s a happy ending too.

But that wasn’t really my point. My point is that when there’s an off chance that you feel like you’ve been stretched just too far, just a little bit too thin then what you’re supposed to be,then stop. The soul will know this state because it stretches beyond the fatigue of the body and the procrastination of the mind. Do not think about work, or obligations or even the state of the world. Think about yourself. Find the things that you love simply because you love them. This will renew you and give you enough gamut to continue on.

See, the thing of it is we are like a puzzle. We are born in different places, different times, different eras, different lives. And that’s what makes life so beautiful, finding a piece of ourselves one bit at a time. The lovely part about all this is that there is no specific value or duration required to find yourself. You don’t have to be rich or be totally idle. You just have to find that moment in time when you feel like you’re ready to get to know yourself a little bit more again. And that’s when you’ll find the missing piece.

So, don’t be guilty to set up a bit of time aside. Breathe in the smell of a book. Blow bubbles in our garden. Cook dessert and eat it the whole day. Climb trees and sip tea in the swing. Watch a movie. Get ice cream. Laze around. Find a pocket in time that you alone can own. And when you’re ready, think about the state of the world again.



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