On Television

Dear Kiddo,

Here’s why I do not let you watch television. Having started in a profession that makes money out of current insight, I know how overwhelming the sense of NOW can be. That’s how people relate to the world. We always have something we need to react to, lash about, feel strongly for. Trends were made under this premise. It’s a way for people to connect to a common theme.

Not to say that I do not want you to learn but there’s a proper pace for such things. Information is vital, yes, but information that’s consumed too soon and too fast breeds a generation of stressed-out people. That is not what I want you to be. You are already living in a stressed-out world to begin with where clutter tells you to always be updated, always be in.

So, do me a favor, will you? When you grow up, go on a technology fast a few hours a day. Turn your cellphone off or whatever it is techies will come up with 15 years from now. Tune out to the latest issue. Go on a self-imposed Web off. You will be surprised at how much of information can actually wait or can be discarded altogether.

For now, my apologies too because you will probably never have as much TV time as you’d like. You will never talk with your friends what happened on the show last night. Reruns and streaming will be your best friends. And purple dinosaurs and 1920s safe Disney films will be your daily companions. At least until you figure out that in real life, Tom cannot actually regenerate himself after Gerry blows, hammers and minces him to pieces.

Technophobically, speaking,


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