30 Things I Know For Sure At 30 (despite my uncertainty about everything else)

(1)Every house should have a garden; Every garden should be bigger than the house.
(2) Progress is determined by what isn’t being built. For instance, the view in front of my home continues to be that of trees. For instance, we still have the sea.
(3) Rain is a time machine.
(4) Summer is another lifetime.
(5) Travel, whatever the distance, is circular.
(6) It’s okay to love the ocean more than the mountain, the depths instead of height.
(7) There is no sorrow that dogs can’t salve.
(8) Silence is a place, as is sadness.
(9) The mind is the only unexplored path left.
(10) Chaos is necessary. So be it.
(11) Long-form writing is old-fashioned. So what.
(12) A desk can make a universe.
(13) Books and letters are proof of multiple lives.
(14) Art can save several times over.
(15) Things get lost. So do people.
(16) Sometimes words fail; say it anyway.
(17) Candy should know no age.
(18) Chai tea latte is man’s greatest invention after the pen.
(19) Behind every question is another question.
(20) The body speaks a different language; no one has deciphered it yet.
(21) Beauty can be a distraction. It can also conjure a poem.
(22) It’s only skin; it’s only a face.; it’s only a case.
(23) There are those who think in layers, and those who think in lines.
(24) There are several truths; you can believe all of them.
(25) Memory is inaccurate; it’s truth still.
(26) Wisdom can be regressive.
(27) Dreams should be perpetually improportional to reality.
(28) Goodness makes itself obvious until it cannot be denied.
(29) There are stories so powerful, they are better left unwritten.
(30) The world can wait; the world cannot wait.